Lab Members


Leif Nelson

Professor Leif NelsonLeif is a professor at Berkeley-Haas. He investigates human judgment and decision making. One line of his work has focused on consumer experiences, happiness and well being. Another has looked at charitable giving in the context of corporate social responsibility.

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Minah Jung

photo_mjungMinah is an assistant professor in the marketing group at NYU-Stern. Minah studies consumer judgment and decision-making and prosocial behavior. She is currently investigating how consumers’ social preferences operate in markets. Minah enjoys going to concerts, watching cartoons, and hiking in California.

Undergraduate Students

Anna Zhining Zhu

Anna is a student manager of this lab. She is a third year majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. She is interested in applying her technical skills to analyze experiment results on human interactions and social behaviors. In her free time, she enjoys coding, volunteering, and hanging out with her friends.

Sooyun (Soo) Kim

Sooyun (Soo) is a senior double-majoring in Economics and Sociology. She is interested in studying organizational behavior and also has her career interest in internal audit. She enjoys playing violin and traveling.

Thomas Sun

Thomas is a third year majoring in Economics and Statistics. He is interested in the behavioral side of economics, especially finding realistic frameworks of decision making and rationality. After graduation he hopes to possibly pursue graduate school in economics or law school.

Hana Park


Hana is a fourth year psychology student. She is interested in social and clinical psychology and hopes to use her passions for helping people develop in some tangible way in the future. She likes swimming and eating with her friends in her free time.

Chengyao Sun

ChengyaoChengyao is a senior Economics major at University of California, Berkeley. He is interested in behavioral economics, economics and psychology, and labor economics. He is going to pursue a Ph.D in economics. In addition, he is also interested in data science and transparency study in social science.

Valerie D Guevara

Valerie is a fourth year psychology major. She is very interested in Social psychology and Industrial Organization. After graduating, she wants to work in the tech industry as a psychology consultant for conflict resolution or as a data analyst for marketing strategies. Later down the line she wants to pursue her masters and PhD in Clinical psychology. Valerie enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking, watching Netflix and blasting music constantly.

Alyssa Foster

Alyssa is a fourth year Psychology major at the University of California, Berkeley. 
She is interested in studying judgment and decision making as well as cultural anthropology and health psychology. After she graduates she hopes to pursue a PhD degree in Business or Social Psychology. Alyssa also wants to fullfill her career goals in addition to traveling across the globe. She enjoys meeting new friends and creating a better future for those in need.

Jingyi Liu

Jing is a third year majoring in economics and statistics. She is interested in marketing research and hopes to find a way to provide consumers with the best experiences. She believes that data barely lies, so she would like to use statistical results to back up economic analysis.